Engineering Firms Forge New Nationwide Servicing Partnership

Published: June 20th 2024

Wright Engineering and Martin Engineering are working together to keep conveyor belts clean

Global leader in bulk materials handling solutions Martin Engineering has announced a unique national partnership with Wright Engineering, one of the UK’s leading specialists in the design, build and installation of complex processing plants.

Under the new arrangement, quarrying and materials processing companies across England and Wales can tap into unrivalled expertise in conveyor systems, with innovative proprietary products from Martin combined with turnkey engineering solutions that Wright is renowned for delivering.
The agreement builds on the success of an existing alliance between the two Nottinghamshire firms which has been providing materials handling solutions and servicing to East Midlands producers for the past three years.

Martin Engineering’s UK Branch Manager Dave Harasym said: “By extending our relationship with one of the country’s best known and highly respected engineering companies we can expand our reach across England and Wales. Together we will provide complete end-to-end solutions from design, build and install through to maintenance, problem-solving and continuous improvement. Wright is a team of highly skilled engineers and one of the few firms with the scale, experience and technical expertise to rise to any materials handing challenge.”

Wright Engineering’s National Sales Director Joshua Jepson said: “Our new partnership with Martin Engineering is a natural extension to our success in the East Midlands. It increases our ability to install market-leading conveyor products on the new processing plants we’re designing and building. It also means better customer support for ongoing maintenance, upgrades to existing plants and troubleshooting problems with their conveyor systems. We’re both family companies who see eye-to-eye when it comes to engineering excellence, innovative solutions and doing a proper job.”

Wright Engineering and Martin Engineering are working together to keep conveyor belts clean

Worksop-based Wright Engineering is at the forefront of cutting-edge design, fabrication and installation of complex engineering solutions along with providing maintenance services and aftermarket parts for the quarrying industry as well as power, building products, recycling, ports, food and construction.

Martin Engineering is a US company with its UK headquarters in Mansfield. It is one of the largest global manufacturers and suppliers of belt conveyor accessories. Focused on safety and efficiency, the company’s innovative equipment designs promote bulk material flow in heavy-duty environments, including transfer point equipment, belt cleaners, air cannons and dust control. Martin’s products eliminate blockages and build-ups, prevent spillage and reduce dust emissions for less downtime and a lower cost of operation.

Under the new partnership Wright Engineering will supply Martin’s trademark orange conveyor products, belt cleaners, and transfer point solutions, alongside other conveyor components such as belts, rollers, skirting, drives and structural framework, ultimately making conveyors run better.

Martin’s Vice President for Europe, Middle East, Asia & India Robert Whetstone said: “By pooling our engineering expertise and resources both businesses can be more adaptable to the changing dynamics and demands of the industry – we can react faster, operate more efficiently and service materials producers more comprehensively.

“This partnership represents a very different kind of partnership model for sales, service and engineering solutions not seen before in our industry. Based on our success in the UK we can well imagine developing similar partnership arrangements with turnkey engineering companies in other countries where Martin operates.”

Wright Engineering has been at the forefront of cutting edge engineering design, fabrication and installation solutions for over 35 years. With headquarters in Worksop, North Nottinghamshire, Wright are specialists in the design, supply and installation of turnkey bulk materials processing and handling solutions, as well as providers of mechanical engineering services to industry. We work around the world on complex design and engineering projects to meet client needs from a broad range of industries and sectors. Our philosophy of commitment to excellence and a continuing investment in the latest technologies ensure we remain a leader within our industry. For further information visit

Martin Engineering has been a global innovator in the bulk material handling industry for more than 80 years, developing new solutions to common problems and participating in industry organizations to improve safety and productivity. The company’s series of Foundations books is an internationally-recognized resource for safety, maintenance and operations training -- with more than 22,000 print copies in circulation around the world. The 500+ page reference books are available in several languages and have been downloaded thousands of times as free PDFs from the Martin website. Martin Engineering products, sales, service and training are available from 17 factory-owned facilities worldwide, with wholly-owned business units in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, the USA and UK. The firm employs more than 1,000 people, approximately 400 of whom hold advanced degrees. For more information visit