Protect your employees from job-related injury and illness.

Conveyor injuries typically cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Many of these accidental injuries are caused by material spilling off of the belt or workers getting parts of their bodies caught in pinch or nip points, as well as burns and abrasions. Fugitive dust is also a potential risk because it can be inhaled and cause severe illnesses. Under certain conditions, airborne dust can ignite and cause a devastating explosion. At Martin Engineering, we’ve been manufacturing products that move bulk material safely and protect workers from potential risks for decades.

In fact, at Martin, we literally "wrote the book" on safety when we published Foundations™ For Conveyor Safety, a 500+ page textbook that covers global best practices for safer bulk materials handling. In addition to focusing on how to prevent injury and illness when working with conveyors, this valuable resource also shows you how to determine ROI for safety initiatives and includes tips on how to present the information to decision makers in leadership positions.

No one would dispute that focusing on the safety of your employees is the right thing to do. However, it also makes good business sense from a bottom-line perspective. In fact, a safety-first attitude provides many benefits, including:

  • More productive employees - When workplace injuries and illnesses are rare, employees don’t miss work and are more productive, which improves your company’s overall productivity.
  • Improved employee morale - Employees who feel that their workplace is safe are more likely to be happy and feel positively about their jobs and their employer.
  • Compliance with OSHA requirements - By following recommended procedures, best practices and documenting your actions, OSHA compliance is achievable.
  • Lower costs - Employees who are injured on the job or acquire a work-related illness are still paid while they recover. Plus, violations can come with substantial fines, so keeping a safe workplace is cost effective.

Industry Applications For Safety Solutions:

Increased Productivity
  • Keep workers on the job by preventing injury and illness
  • Achieve better productivity by boosting employee morale
Safer Operation
  • Protect employees from moving parts on conveyor belt systems
  • Prevent material from spilling off of belts and creating slip-and-trip hazards
  • Control fugitive dust and reduce the risk of dust-related illness
More Profit
  • Reduce costs associated with missed time and regulatory fines
  • Boost productivity by improving morale
Our Solutions For Your Biggest Challenges:

Train Your Personnel For Better Belt Conveyor Performance and Safety

Foundations Training workshops train your plant operating and maintenance personnel and engineers about belt conveyors  how they work and how to make them work better. From a Basic Introduction to belt conveyors and safety to an Advanced Training option for your skilled and experienced members, Martin will share our 70 years of experience and research with your team members. You can't afford not to educate your team with Martin!

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Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety

Learn to Calculate your Return on Conveyor Safety™ with our compilation of worldwide best practices for safer bulk material handling in this first-ever textbook dedicated exclusively to the safety of conveyor systems.

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