Inspection Door

Available in mild steel or stainless steel, Martin® Inspection Doors provide quick and easy access to belt cleaners and other components inside chutes and enclosures for inspection or service. The inspection doors can be used in in temperatures from -30°C up to +80°C. Various sizes are available depending on the needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe: Improves safety when conducting maintenance, inspections and cleaning of the conveyor components.
  • Versatile:  Various sizes available. Available in mild and stainless steel option. Steel door withstands typical positive and negative pressure applications.
  • Compliant with safety requirements: Mesh size of the barrier guard and captive screws make the doors fully compliant with European safety standards.
  • Dust-Tight Seal: Latch closes the door tightly and rubber seal prevents material escape.
  • Easy to install: Door is bolted to enclosure wall.
  • Compact:  Low-Profile” design makes it easy to fit the door into tight spaces.
  • A special version for ATEX zones is available on request
Door size (Inches) Painted mild steel part number Stainless steel part number
9*12 CYA-0912MG-P+E CYA-0912MG-A2+E
12*12 CYA-1212MG-P+E CYA-1212MG-A2+E
12*14 CYA-1214MG-P+E CYA-1214MG-A2+E
12*18 CYA-1218MG-P+E CYA-1218MG-A2+E
18*18 CYA-1818MG-P+E CYA-1818MG-A2+E
18*24 CYA-1824MG-P+E CYA-1824MG-A2+E
24*24 CYA-2424MG-P+E CYA-2424MG-A2+E
30*30 CYA-3030MG-P+E CYA-3030MG-A2+E

Product Specifications

Temperature Between -30 degrees C and +80 degrees C
Corrosive Conditions Yes (stainless steel version)


Brochure - Conveyor Products Download
Tech Data Sheet - Inspection Door Download
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Operator Manual - Inspection Door (for the use in ATEX applications) Download

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