Spring and Air Tensioners

To allow belt cleaning systems to meet plant requirements, Martin® belt cleaner and belt scraper tensioners are available in spring, air and water models.

Primary Cleaner Tensioners:

  • Shock Mount Tensioners include spring, air and water models

Secondary Cleaner Tensioners:

  • Adjustable "L" Bracket Tensioners include air and spring models
  • Flange Mount Tensioners include air, spring and water models
  • Shock (Ring) Mount Tensioners include air and spring models


  • Air Tensioners use the resilience of an air spring to cushion impact
  • Spring Tensioners maintain efficient belt cleaning with a rugged coil spring
  • Dual tensioning is recommended for belt cleaners installed on belts wider than 48 inches (1200 mm)
  • Mounts and Tensioners can be purchased individually or in packages with various belt cleaning systems
  • Use a Plant Air Connection Kit to plumb Air Tensioner to the plant's compressed air system

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Brochure - Belt Cleaning Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Air Tensioner Download
Operator Manual - Spring & Air Tensioner Download

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